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Success in Partnership

The purpose of RTR Performance Coaching is to coach you to greatness and to give you the self-belief that will see you become the owner of your career. It is important to remember that we are unable to offer any guarantees. The process is about two way Honesty, Trust and Commitment and I will guarantee that I will do my best to Coach you to success and your full potential.

Pricing Structure

  • 3 months - £475
  • 6 months - £695

A Personal Commitment

I believe that in a 'nutshell' this Coaching service will give you the competitive edge beyond other candidates, so far this has proved to be the case with all the candidates that I have worked with.
For me it is the best part of what I do and my biggest strength, for a free discussion about how I can help you reach the next level please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Simon Fabry - Director

Retail Talent Recruitment

Tel: 01252 734496
Mob: 07786 917219

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